0xU Galactic Markets — Issue: 5 (December 22, 2019)

It’s been been five months since the last 0xU Galactic Markets and much has happened; rocket inventions were taken off-chain, we learned more about buildings and energy, and, in the midst of it all, we had the Fairwin phenomenon.

My initial intention was to make 0xU Galactic Markets a monthly periodical. However, due to time constraints, I will be publishing issues less frequently. To this end, each issue will include an issue number.

I do intend to continue collecting data on a monthly basis, and posting infographics to the 0xUniverse Discord and Telegram, as well as my own social media.

Update 3.0.3

Update 3.0.3 went live on October 10, 2019. This was a significant update for 0xUniverse.

Hip hip hooray! Ship inventions are now off-chain!

The most noticeable change takes ship inventions off-chain. No longer will you have to pay gas and wait for your transaction to process to see your new ship.

I am all for taking as much actual game play off-chain as possible. It improves the user experience and makes the game less susceptible to external issues with the blockchain.

The most notable change in Update 3.0.3 occurred behind the virtual hood.

Item #5 of Alex Fedd’s October 10, 2019 announcement in the #News channel of the 0xUnivere Discord states:

“The most important thing here: this update allows the team to implement buildings, battles, using black holes etc (the old architecture did not allow this)”

For more information on Update 3.0.3 see the #News channel of the 0xUniverse Discord. If you are not already a member of the 0xUniverse Discord, an invitation link is provided in the links section at the end of this article.

Buildings and Energy

Information about the upcoming addition of buildings and energy have been added to the bottom of the How to Play section of the 0xUniverse website. You can check it out by clicking here.

The FairWin Phenomenon

It’s been a little over 2 months since the FairWin collapsed to zero after driving gas prices to a consistent 20 gwei for the entire month of September 2019. DApps reliant on transactions occurring on the Ethereum blockchain were adversely affected, as games like 0xUniverse became virtually unplayable.

The high gas prices caused by FairWin appeared to effect 0xUniverse with a significant drop in planet discoveries and the number of planets on the market. We go into some details on how the FairWin Phenomenon affected 0xUniverse in the Galactic Markets section of this issue.

Arguably, there is some good that came out of the FairWin phenomenon. Perhaps the off-chain change to rocket inventions was pushed to the forefront as the 0xUniverse team and other blockchain developers were faced with a need to become less reliant on on-chain transactions. This type of thing forces developers to come up with creative ways to get as much off-chain as possible, which, in the long run, is good for crypto gaming in general.

If you are interested in learning more about the FairWin phenomen, check out this great Medium article by Philippe Castonguay by clicking here.

Galactic Markets (through November 30, 2019)

For the period of July through November, planet discoveries went from 195,523 to 276,615. This was a 41.5% increase in the number of discovered planets, with an average monthly month over month increase of 10.1% during the five month period.

On a percentage bases, the month over month change in discovered planets will naturally have a downward curve. This downward curve was briefly reversed after FairWin crashed in September.

The actual month over month number of planets discovered should tend to have a more upward curve. However, even this chart takes a steep dive during the high gas prices of the FairWin period.

It is interesting to see the sharp bounce followed by a marginal decline right after FairWin. This would make sense considering all the rocket inventions and resource accumulation that occurred during FairWin.


The below chart shows the historic 3PA ratios for the last 6 month end periods.

As of November 30, 2019, for the first time ever, the 3PA ratio for Basic Rares using the bottom-8 metric was 1. This means that the cheapest Basic Rare planets on the market were the same price as the cheapest Basic Common planets.

To get some better perspective of planet 3PA ratios, the below chart compares the 3PA ratios of all planets types excluding Legendary planets:

Legendary planets are so expensive, a new planet 3PA ratios chart had to be created to fit them in with all the other planet types.

0xUniverse Planets Summaries

Not publishing a 0xUniverse Galactic Markets for 5 months can cause a bit of a backlog in 0xUniverse Planets Summaries infographics. Rest assured, the data was collected, and here they all are:

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DISCLAIMER: 0xU Galactic Markets is for entertainment purposes only. It is not associated with 0xGames. Values do not reflect actual planet values or costs. The true value of any planet can only be determined in the free market by a willing buyer and a willing seller.



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