Cross-Chain Interoperable — How to Traverse the ETH <>xDAI<>BSC Bridges

Adding Networks (Chains) to MetaMask

There and Back Again

  1. Go to the Uniswap swap here.
  2. Click the Select a token button.
  3. Type in DAI and select it when it appears at the top.
  1. Type in SURF.
  2. Click the Import button (make sure it’s the right SURF token).
  3. Check box for Disclaimer.
  4. Click the Import button.
  5. When the swap window comes up you will need to click the gear icon.
  6. In the next window increase the slippage to 1.1%. (This needs to be done because SURF has a 1% transaction fee that goes to the Whirlpool to benefit the SURF ecosystem and Whirlpool stakers.)
  7. After the transaction is submitted, be sure to “Add SURF to Metamask” before closing the window.

Take SURF across the Ethereum bridge to xDAI STAKE

  1. xDAI Bridge: The xDAI Bridge can only be used to send DAI to xDAI STAKE; converting it to xDAI STAKE’s native token, xDAI. Sending DAI via the xDAI Bridge has a lower gas cost than sending other tokens via the OmniBridge.
  2. OmniBridge: All other ERC-20 tokens need to use the OmniBridge. Do not send DAI over the OmniBridge. It will not convert into xDAI, but rather a wrapped version of xDAI that there is no liquidity for.
  1. Select the STAKE dropdown.
  2. If this is the first time sending SURF, click the + Add Custom Token link.
  3. The Add Custom Token window will appear. To get the Token Contract Address open MetaMask.
  4. Make sure the Assets tab is selected.
  5. Select the SURF token that was added to MetaMask via Uniswap earlier.
  6. Select the three dots.
  7. Select View on Etherscan in the dropdown menu.
  8. Click the Surf Finance (SURF) link in the Etherscan page for the contract.
  9. Hover your icon to the right of the Token Contract Address and click the copy icon when it appears.
  10. Go back to the OmniBridge tab and paste the copied address in the Token Contract Address field and click add token.

xDAI Faucet

  1. Open MetaMask and click on the Account to copy the your address.
  2. Paste your address in the receiver address field.
  3. Select the I am human box and complete the hCaptcha puzzle
  4. Click the Request 0.01 xDAI button.

Taking DAI across the Ethereum bridge to xDAI STAKE

  1. Switch back to Ethereum Network in Metamask.
  2. Indicate a transfer amount.
  3. Complete two transactions on MetaMask. One to Unlock and one to Transfer the DAI.

The BNB Conundrum

  1. Receive BNB from another wallet on BSC.
  2. Use Binance to purchase BNB and send BEP-20 BNB directly to the MetaMask wallet address.
  3. Add Binance Chain Wallet to browser (similar to MetaMask), and use Binance US to purchase BNB and send BEP-2 to the Binance Chain Wallet Address. Once BNB is in a Binance Chain Wallet, a cross chain transfer can be done internally by sending BNB to the wallet address and selecting Binance Smart Chain. The Binance Chain Wallet can be a new wallet, or the current MetaMask wallet can be imported to it.

Take SURF Across the Bridge to Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

  1. The same token will have a different xDAI address. In the case of SURF, the xDAI token address is 0xc12956b840B403b600014a3092f6EBD9259738fE. When adding a custom token to your transfer, paste this address to add SURF.
  2. All tokens, including xDAI (DAI), use the xDAI to BSC OmniBridge. This is in contrast to Ethereum to xDAI, which has a bridge specific for xDAI (DAI).

The DAI Journey back to Ethereum



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