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In the world Decentralized Applications (DApps), cross-promotions frequently interlink games, platforms, and ecosystems. I recently came across a cross-promotion perfectly exemplifying how well this marketing method works in the DApp space. A crossover tying together two titans of blockchain games: Cryptokitties and Gods Unchained.

At barely over a year old, Crypto Kitties is the OG of blockchain games. The premise of CryptoKitties is simple, players can buy, breed, and adopt virtual cats. The possibilities are endless, and, as the first video game to bring true ownership of virtual collectibles to blockchain, the implications, immense.

Gods Unchained is a tradable card game with game play similar to Blizzard’s Hearthstone. Although Gods Unchained is still in closed beta, it could be the game that attracts a mass audience to blockchain games. Just like CryptoKitties players have true ownership of their virtual cats, Gods Unchained players will have true ownership of their Gods Unchained playing cards.

The ability for players to collect, trade, and sell cards in a virtual version of a tradable card game is a game changer. Players will no longer have to pour money into virtual cards they can never actually trade or sell. Just like physical Magic the Gathering cards, virtual Gods Unchained cards will be owned by the player.

The virtual tradable card game market is huge. In November 2018, Blizzard announced that Hearthstone alone had reached 100 million players. The DApp market is still in its infancy. For most games, a player base over 1,000 is considered exceptional. Gods Unchained could be the game that virtually changes that. Developed by Fuel Games, Gods Unchained has a robust experienced development team, a strong player community, and significant financial backing from big players like Coinbase.

Anyone will be able to play Gods Unchained for free using a core set of cards. Special edition cards are also available for limited periods by purchasing booster packs. However, unlike other virtual collectible card games, the players will actually own all their special edition cards as non-fungible ERC721 tokens. This is just like CryptoKitties.

Currently, players can purchase first edition cards from the Gods Unchained Genesis Set. The genesis sale contains 380 unique cards which will be made available until the game’s official launch, or a cap of $15 million in sales is reached. After that, players will only be able to purchase Genesis Set cards in the open market from other players/collectors. If Gods Unchained attracts a large player base, the combination of a limited print and very few Genesis Set card owners, creates an enormous potential for appreciation in value.

While I knew of CryptoKitties before Gods Unchained, Gods Unchained is the game that got me into DApps. I had never tried CryptoKitties, and did not have any intention to. However, now, as a result of this promotion, I have become an avid virtual cat collector and breeder.

What is cross-promotion and why does it work so well in DApps?

Cross-promotion is a form of marketing where two different products are promoted together. Often time, the two products come from two different companies (providers). For the providers, the shared costs and the exposure to each other’s customer base creates a mutually beneficial arrangement.

DApps can especially thrive from cross-promotion through the shared use of ERC721 tokens. ERC721 tokens, or Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), are essentially unique items on the blockchain. Each ERC721 token can represents a different unique item owned by a player in a game. Like a rare baseball card, an ERC721 token is a one of a kind, and can be worth thousands.

There are CryptoKitties cats that have sold for Ethereum values over $100,000 USD. A one of a kind Gods Unchained Mythic card sold at auction for 146.28 Ethereum. This was over $60,000 USD at the time of sale.

When there is a cross-promotion where the same ERC721 token can be used in two totally different games, this does more then just expose the user bases of both games to each other. It also increases the utility of that ERC721 token, as well as the potential demand for it, and therefore its ultimate value. The current cross-promotion between CryptoKitties and Gods Unchained utilizes the power of this well.

The CryptoKitties x Gods Unchained promotion has four primary over lapping parts requiring players to play both games using the same ERC721 token. The ability to use the same ERC721 token in two totally different games is called interoperability. Fuel Games wrote a great article describing this promotion and interoperability, which can be found by clicking here.

Part 1 — Craft a Cat

To partake in the CryptoKitties x Gods Unchained promotion, the first thing you will need is a Crypto Kitty. If you are already a CryptoKitties player, you could head straight over to Part 2. But wait!

In Part 2 you will use your Crypto Kitty to create a Mythical Cat Talisman item playing Gods Unchained. However, to get the more powerful version of the Mystical Cat Talisman item, you will need to use a specific Crypto Kitty called Tally the Purrocious.

The CryptoKitties website gives a detailed “How to breed Tally the Purrocious” guide, which you can go to by clicking here.

Tally the Purrocious, is a “Fancy Cat”. Fancy Cats are limited-edition Kitties boasting special art. They can only be bred through a unique genetic recipe until a cap and/or time limit is reached. Players will be able to breed Tally the Purrocious until January 21st. After this date, you will need to purchase Tally the Purrocious on the secondary market.

To breed a Tally the Purrocious yourself, you will need two cats with the following cattributes:

  • selkirk (fur)
  • koala (base color)
  • arcreactor (pattern)
  • sully (accent color)

Each cat does not have to have all four of these cattributes. In fact, any cat that has all four of these cattributes, is a Tally the Purrocious. However, when breeding, the more of these cattributes the cats have in common, the more likely they are to produce a Tally the Purrocious. You can also breed two Tally the Purrocious together to have the highest probability of breeding another one.

If you want to breed many Tally the Purrociuous, your best bet is to buy some and get breeding. Currently there are many Tally the Purrocious being sold on the secondary market, and they are fairly inexpensive. You will be able to use a Tally the Purrocious to create the more powerful version of the Mystical Cat Talisman item until January 28th, however, Tally the Purrocious can only be bred until January 21st.

If you are buying a Tally the Purrocious to get the more powerful version of the Mystical Cat Talisman item, be careful. If the Tally the Purrocious you are buying has already been used to create a Mystical Cat Talisman item, it can’t be used to get another one. To be safe, you can use the God Unchained website to search a Crypto Kitty’s unique identification number and see if it has already been used to create a Mystical Cat Talisman item.

Part 2 — The Cat in the Pack

From January 10th through January 24th, players who own a crypto kitty will be able to go to the Gods Unchained website to purchase a special rare pack called The Cat in the Pack. For every Cat in the Pack purchase, you can use your selected crypto kitty to make a Mystical Cat Talisman item. This talisman is a special card that will be available to use as soon as the Gods Unchained beta opens to the public.

Using a breeding analogy, you are effectively breeding a CryptoKitties ERC720 token (the Crypto Kitty) with 5 Gods Unchained ERC720 tokens (the five cards in the rare pack) to create a third ERC720 token (a Mystical Cat Talisman item).

Part 3 — Special Edition Aeoncat

Part 4 — There Can Only Be One

There can only be one Hyperion Mythic Titan of Light card in Gods Unchained, and there can only be one Hypurrion CryptoKitty.

Hypurrion is a one-of-a-kind Exclusive cat that pays tribute to the Mythic Titan of Light, Hyperion. Players have a chance to win the cat-equivalent of Gods Unchained’s most valuable card. Every Aeoncat you own on January 28th, 2019 at 3pm PST is worth one entry into a raffle to win the Exclusive Hypurrion.

There will only be 380 Aeoncats. As of this writing they are still available for 0.75 Ethereum.

A purchase of Aeoncat is not necessary to enter the raffle for Hypurrion. You can also enter the raffle by mail-in. To see details on how to mail-in entry click here.

In Conclusion

Crossover cross-promotion through the use of interoperability is not just a powerful marketing tool. If utilized well, it can increase the utility and value of shared assets and the ecosystems in which they are used.

The CryptoKitties x God Unchained crossover campaign leverages the power of this well.

  • Players need to actively play both games to craft a Mystical Cat Talisman item.
  • The effort and cost required to craft a Mystical Cat Talisman item is reasonable enough for a novice player on a budget.
  • There is an opportunity to purchase a new related Special Edition Aeoncat of which there are only 380. (This also happens to be the number of cards in the Genesis Set)
  • Each Special Edition Aeoncat purchased also acts as a raffle ticket to win the one-of-a-kind Exclusive Hypurrion.
  • Everyone has the opportunity to win the one-of-a-kind Exclusive Hypurrion through a mail-in entry.

As an avid crypto gamer, it is exciting to see innovative games and ideas applied to this new technology. As players, many of us have invested a lot of time and money into the DApps we play. We are not just consumers, we are investors, gamers, and partners, with a vested interest in a game’s success.

This has created a community of players and developers that are co-creating games and coming up with non-traditional ways to add value. The CryptoKitties x God Unchained promotion is a good example of this.

As a result of this crossover cross-promotion through the use of interoperability, I am now playing CryptoKitties, and loving it. Not only that. I have a nine year old daughter who watches me play all kinds of DApps. She likes to watch, but has never shown an interest in actually playing any of the games. I have even offered to install MetaMask on her computer and give her a little Ethereum to play with.

Today, when we came back from school the first thing she asked was, “Did you install MetaMask on my computer?”.

You can probably guess what it is she wants to play.

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