The Amber Journal — Issue 1

Hello and welcome to the first issue of The Amber Journal.

The Amber Journal is written for players of Amber Game. Amber Game is a game created by AGames, and runs on the Ethereum Blockchain. For more information, or to play, you can visit their website at . You can also learn more about Amber Game by joining there server on Discord. To visit Amber Game on Discord .

The Amber Journal provides news and statistical information on Amber Game activity, with a focus on providing weekly statistics gathered from information available on the web. This week’s issue will cover the period of 9/9/2018 through 9/15/2018.

Current Week Recap

It was a wild week for Amber Game. The contract address had an inflow of 1,060.826 ETH, the cost to light all gems rose to 2,966.27 ETH, and total dividends earned to date rose to 623.5 ETH. More detailed statistical data on this week’s activity is provided on pages 3–5 of this issue.

Much of the discussion on Discord was about strategy. The Price/Dividends Ratio became an important factor in determining good gems to light (see pages 2–4). There were also different strategies on where in the chain to light gems. Light higher (cheaper) gems to flip, or lower (expensive) gems for dividends.

There was a meme contest on the Discord #memes channel with some pretty hilarious Amber Game memes.

A new ongoing contest was also added to the Discord #bet channel. Guess the amount of dividends the Amber will have collected by 14.00 of the 23rd of September (UTC). Contestants need to post the number into #bet. See the top of the #bet channel in Discord for details.

There was even a possible whale sighting. On 9/11/2018 address 0x56cbaf0035b7f7f221a9c8ce3fbe9527e2430406 came out of nowhere and lit the Amber for 409.6 ETH, causing the Amber to rise to 1,036.3 ETH.

Price/Dividends (P/D) Ratios

The P/D Ratio is a good metric for determining the value of a gem relative to other gems. It is calculated by dividing the cost of lighting a gem by the total dividends earned by that gem to date. All of the information required to make this calculation is contained in the picture of the gem.

In the above example there are three gems; gems 55, 56, and 57. The P/D Ratios for these gems would be as follows:

Gems 55 and 57 both have a much higher cost than gem 56, however all three gems have close to the same total dividends to date. This is because gems 55 and 57 were likely more recently lit, causing their cost to increase by some factor greater than two.

At this position in the chain, Gem 56, with a P/D Ratio of 4.6091, is pretty ripe for lighting.

Let’s see what happens when Gem 56 is lit.

After lighting gem 56 for 4.887 ETH, the P/D Ratios for the three gems become as follows:

Since the address that lit gem 56 now owns gem 56, it has become highlighted. The cost to light gem 56 also increased to 10.654. When lit, gems will increase in cost by a factor of >2. In this case, gem 56 increased by a factor of about 2.18.

Of the 4.887 ETH used to light gem 56; 50% went to the previous owner, 5% went to the associated referral, and the remaining 45% was paid out as an equal dividend to the owners of all the gems below it. This would mean that the Amber and gems 1–55 all received an approximate dividend of (4.887 x 45%) / 56 = 0.0392705 ETH.

What determines a good P/D Ratio for lighting a gem is completely subjective. However, there is a strong tendency for P/D Ratios to decrease (i.e., improve) as you go further down the chain.

Current P/D Ratios

Gem Activity

Gem activity was determined by downloading transactions from for contract address 0xB66041c5AcCC99fCcCe8e4f06074ac52C9C556DD. In playing Amber Game, it appears that all player transactions occur through this contract address.

The below statistics are based on downloading information from the above contract address for the period of 09/09/2018 through 09/15/2018 (UTC Time). All transfers of 0 ETH, and transactions with an error code, were removed from the data set.

The remaining transactions were then sorted by unique address, and transactions for each unique address.


Waypoints are a way for players to use their address to receive a referral. Addresses that use your waypoint to light gems will provide a 5% referral. This section shows the waypoints of any contributors to this issue of The Amber Journal.

Yostari — To use Yostari’s waypoint link

Disclaimer: The Amber Journal is provided for entertainment purposes only. It is not affiliated with AGames. Any statistical information is provided based on collecting public information for the game on the world wide web. Best efforts are made to provide accurate information, however there are no guarantees that all statistical information is 100% accurate.

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