x128s — Color Combo Rarity NFTs (OLD — Please See Revised Article)

  • x128s will be created on a square 128 x 128 canvas containing 16,384 squares.
  • Each x128s square will be one of two colors.
  • The first color is determined randomly, and the second color is always the complementary RGB to the first color.
  • There are over 8,000,000 possible color schemes.
  • Color schemes are assigned a rarity factor based the probability of occurrence and variance between RGB values using a random method for determining the first color and its complementary RGB.

Color Determination

  1. A roll of 34 narrows the first number down to between 11,221 and 11,560.
  2. A roll of 52 narrows the first number down to between 11,425 and 11,428.
  3. A roll of 20 narrow the final random number down to 11,425. The 11,425 number can be looked up in the above chart to determine the Red in the RBG number to be 151

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Avid Gamer | Economics Geek | Decentralization Enthusiast

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Avid Gamer | Economics Geek | Decentralization Enthusiast

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